Our Values


This statement of our values is drawn from the earliest known codes of chivalry, sometimes called the ‘noble habitus’ which pre-dates the better known ‘Ten Commandments of Chivalry.’ These have been used to draw up our Saxon interpretation of the Beatitudes.


1. Loyalty (Fidelity)

Loyalty to faith and folk; to our kinfolk and proven friends, our elders and rightful leaders

2. Love

Act out of love not hate

3. Forbearance

Discipline and self-control, acting proportionally to situations and showing mercy

4. Courage

Strength of character to face adversity bravely, standing your ground and doing what is right even when criticised and persevering despite whatever difficulties arise

5. Industriousness

Hard working, energetic and productive 

6. Generosity (hospitality)

Fair minded and compassionate to the weak and poor, unselfish with time and wealth and a willingness to help those in need       

7. Compassionate strength

Strength to defeat evil and those who would do us harm; coupled with compassion, mercy and opposition to cruel and unjust acts

8. Honour

Personal integrity resulting from displaying the above qualities, fame and glory from brave and honourable deeds


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