We all love a good story! However, one of things that we have lost in our culture is a good grounding in the old stories and legends of our ancestors. We are far more likely to be familiar with some of the stories of the Old testament and of Greek and other mythologies than our own. Increasingly, people have little understanding of any of these as they are no longer widely taught at school or in the home.


This section presents some of the better known stories from our own Norse and Germanic culture. They are myths and not intended to be taken as literal truth. You may see them as alluding to real events outside of our earthly realm or containing hidden truth in mythological form. Then again, you might just enjoy them as stories! However, they do contain messages that should help frame our world view, including how we interpret the teachings of Christ.  


We cannot say for sure whether all of these stories would have been known by the Anglo Saxon English, especially when they have their origins in the later Icelandic traditions. However, the Anglo Saxon English are part of the wider Norse and Germanic people and so the stories of any part of our folk are those of us all. Anglo Saxon people may have had similar stories to those developed over time and passed down to us from the Norse sagas. Sometimes they had very similar stories. In any event, they form a part of our culture and heritage that we should acknowledge and enjoy.



The Death of Balder


Iduna And The Apples of Immortality










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