Folklore, Mythology & The Guardians



Our Anglo Saxon ancestors had a well established body of mythology that expressed their understanding of the world around them. It was a mystical world of nature, the Holy Guardians and of spirits. Much of this mythology was the same as the Norse tradition, but it was not identical. Unfortunately, it was mostly an oral tradition and little was actually written down and preserved. Some of it has been, though, and other elements can be gleaned from Norse traditions or even other Indo-European cultures. The EFC considers our pre-Christian mythology to be a vital part of our overall understanding of religious and spiritual matters. It is an additional, mostly complementary, layer of wisdom which helps us to understand our faith through the lenses of our ancient ancestors.


Tolkein drew heavily on this mythology for his own work where he sought to create an Anglo Saxon version of the Old Testament. Brilliant as these works are, he neednít have bothered because we have a real mythology which does just that. However, we must always bear in mind that mythology expresses important religious ideas as stories and are not to be taken as literally true.††



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