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Jesus Christ is clearly the central figure for Christians of whatever persuasion. Following and believing in him is what makes us Christian. And yet, there has never been a consensus to exactly who he was or what was his precise relationship to God. There are at least three ways of thinking about him. Firstly as the Logos, the mind and voice of God. Secondly, the human Jesus, the Logos who lived amongst us and thirdly as the Ascended or Cosmic Christ who remains with us but no longer in human form. There is a fourth way of thinking of him, which is the ‘Christ of Faith’ or perhaps more accurately the Christ of the Church. 


The reflections in this section of the web site explore these different aspects of Christ from the perspective of English Folk Christianity.




Christ - The All-Ruler


Christ - The Lord of Hosts


Jesus: Christos, Chrestos or Messiah


Jesus – Son of Yahweh?


Jesus and the Pythagoreans







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