The Anglo Saxon English people are a distinct nation, bound together by common origins, culture, history and all those things that a shared sense of belonging entails.  We are the Angelcyn, the indigenous people of England, and we assert our right to exist and to celebrate this identity. The aim of this site is to offer a vision for an English Folk Church; one that is rooted in our people and culture. Whilst Christianity contains many universal truths, and salvation through Christ is open to all who have faith in Him, it can also have a ‘local flavour’, specific to the different ethnic groups that make up the rich diversity of creation.


Anglo Saxon Christianity grew out of a fusion of the Celtic and Roman missions to the Angelcyn in the days before the Norman Conquest. The Celtic tradition pre-dates the Roman Church and to some degree continued elements of the religion of the Druids. The English Church tradition is heir to this and so can lay claim to being a valid part of the Church of Christ in its own right, founded by St Joseph of Arimathea. 


The Christianity that reached the shores of England had already adapted a great deal of pre-Christian European ideas and culture. It was to adapt even further as it engaged with the Anglo Saxon English and other Germanic peoples. The EFC seeks to explore this area of ‘cultural continuity’ in which significant elements of pre-Christian Germanic culture were absorbed into the faith to create a local form of Christianity known as Germanic or Saxon Christianity. Our aim is not to recreate the medieval Church that grew out of this, but to draw inspiration from it for our modern world. 


We will foster a strong sense of Anglo Saxon English identity and community, based around the family and clan group. We will encourage a positive spiritual life; prayers, blessings and short ceremonies that can be performed in the home and in small family gatherings. We will provide an additional ‘layer’ of spirituality that people can add to their existing practice and Church allegiance, whilst also building the basis of an entirely new denomination. This will provide a spiritual underpinning for the Anglo Saxon community to mix amongst itself, to marry within the extended community and to raise strong families within the security of the wider folk group.  This is what is meant by being folkish.






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